Vintage inspired Laundry Room

Here is our updated Vintage inspired Laundry Room makeover.

Laundry Room, Vintage Laundry Room,

You should have seen the before….wooo scary….let me show you….


I’ve been a busy girl and have been working on this room for a few days.  This is the before.  See I told you…lol.

Laundry Room, Vintage Laundry Room,


I know it’s out of control here, but I like to keep it real and show you that we’re human and have clutter and chaos like everyone else.  Now in my defense, our laundry room is right by our back door, we don’t have a linen closet anywhere in our home, and our garage is “one” car, not connected and a little walk out to it and very hard to open, so this little room tends to be the catchall for many things that you want to grab when going outside or would store in a closet.

It was time for a make over…lol.

I used many things in our home or that I had found at thrift stores and yard sales, so this was very low budget.

Our plan down the road is to gut our kitchen which is right up against this room and make our kitchen much larger so for now I am working with what I have.

The wire shelves in her are not so fabulous so I covered them with white ruffles that came off a drape.  I had these three totes, they were sage green plastic from Walmart and I covered them with animal print.  I still love Animal print and have to mix little bits of in here and there.


Laundry Room, Vintage Laundry Room

On the totes, I put this cute Laundry Room sign in the center and the two black frames on the outer totes.  The Laundry Room sign (I had for years) had pink paint on it and I painted over it in black and changed the pink bow on it to burlap.  The two frames were from Michaels for .50 cents each and were red and I painted them black and added the burlap and signs.

Laundry Room, Vintage Laundry Room,


I found this old key like hanger at a thrift store for $3 and it works perfectly in here to hang clothes or unmentionables that need to dry.

Laundry Room, Vintage Laundry Room,

Ok I had originally found the cutest black chandelier with crystals dripping and everything for $8 to go in here.  I prepped Mr Cc that I needed him to hang in on Sunday in between football games of course.  Well when we went to hang it, we realized that the previous owner put this light fixture and electrical way to the back of the room, not centered so it would hit those shelves and require major electrical work.  Hmmm plan B.  Long story short, I remembered this cute chicken wire Bustier I had (see fall porch décor) and knew she would be perfect to hang in here.  She was $1 at a yard sale.  I love it.


Laundry Room, Vintage Laundry Room, Wire Chandelier,

These cabinets got a fresh coat of white paint and they had horrible gold knobs that got changed out for crystal knobs I already had.  My husband and I scratched our heads at why the knobs are way up in the middle of the doors and not down on the bottom corner but our home was built in 1922 so no sure.  We’ll fill them in and re-drill down the road.

Laundry Room, Vintage Laundry Room,

I had bought these two keys and key artwork at thrift stores and wanted to add them to the cabinet doors for fun.  The keys were $3, $8 and the framed keys was $3.

Laundry Room, Vintage Laundry Room,

Under the cabinets is that little space where lots of goodies hide, including our dog leashes, swiffers, cutting board, dog carrier, trash bags and fun things like that.

Laundry Room, Vintage Laundry Room, Ruffled Drape,

I made this darling ruffled drape and I LOVE it. I was debating getting a white ruffled drape and then I it HIT me today.  Do you ever do that?  Where you are thinking about a spot in your home and what you want to do with it, and it hits you exactly what you want to do??  That’s what happened.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE ticking stripes. Love them.  I have pink ticking stripes in our kitchen nook (want to see click here) too. I was looking at the two fabrics and then I thought it would be so fun to mix them.  I will share the “How-To” make it soon.  I already had the fabric but they were sheets and cost me $4 each.  So this drape cost $8 to make and I have a bunch of fabric left over too.

Laundry Room,

Above I wanted to show you the other corner with our “old school” windows.  Have you seen any of those in a while??  So we have plans to change them out of course. Yes that’s me in the reflection…lol.  I made little animal print valances for them.  Below is where the kitty litter box is and a receptacle for our recycling.  Not pretty so I spared you…lol.


Laundry Room, Vintage Laundry Room, Washboard,

I made this Diy Vintage Washboard over the weekend and the how to is here for you.  I found the washboard at a yard sale for $1.  woo hoo!!

Diy Laundry Room Vintage Washboard

And that’s the tour of the Laundry Room.  It’s mix of vintage, animal print, burlap and ticking stripes.  I spent about $25 if we add up these items I bought on my shopping travels and the fabric for the drape.

Laundry Room, Vintage Laundry Room, ConcordCottage.Com

I’m really happy with the way it turned out.  What do you think???  Do you have any great storage or hiding tricks??  I’d love to hear.

I’m linking up to All Things Heart and Home Shabbilicious Link Party, Knick of TimeSnap today.  Please stop by and visit her beautiful blog.

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day, Lisa





    • ConcordCottage says

      Pamela, Thank you sooo much. It’s such an honor to be able to link up to your beautiful blog and what a treat to have you comment, I’m sure you are so busy. Yes today that was my exact thought as I put a load in….I Love my Laundry room…lol. Have a great night, Lisa

    • ConcordCottage says

      Hi, I’m sorry, I don’t know how I missed this. Thanks for stopping in and pinning. have a fabulous weekend, Lisa

  1. Kathy Nielsen says

    Absolutely darling. I am waiting on how you make the ruffled skirt for the shelf (that hides all). You are so creative!!!.


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