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Hanging Heart Dish Towel

Hi friends, how are you today?  I'm good I know some of you on the East Coast are fighting some bad weather conditions so if you are I'm thinking good thoughts for you.  Today I'm sharing a fun and functional Hanging Heart Dish Towel you can make for your home or for gifts.    I made two today and I LOVE them.  I have the dish towels on the hanger on the … [Read More...]

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Tuesday Treasures 21

Hi friends, how are you today?  I'm great and excited to share Tuesday Treasures 21 with you.   This is where I share things I have found while out thrift shopping.  I'm always on the hunt for things to use in our home, things to sell in my store and things to wear of … [Read More...]

Something to talk about link party

Something to talk about Link Party 1

Hi friends, how are you today?  I hope well.  It was gorgeous here yesterday in the low 80's and we had all the doors and windows open and shorts and flip flops on as we head into some rainy weather today and tomorrow.   How is it where you are?  I'm pretty excited today … [Read More...]

Texting gloves & hat from a sweater, texting gloves, fingerless gloves, how to make a hat from a sweater. how to make gloves

Texting Gloves and Hat from a Sweater

Hi friends, how are you today?  I hope well.  It's Friday so hopefully you have some fun plans this weekend.  We're playing softball tonight, it's our first game of the season so wish my luck.  Today I'm sharing some fun and easy Texting Gloves and Hat from a sweater.  … [Read More...]

Pocket tissue holder, tissue holder, small tissue holder, how to make a tissue holder

Pocket Tissue Holders

Hi Friends, how are you today?  I hope great.  Today I'm sharing these easy to make Pocket Tissue holders.  These are so easy to make and I know tissue isn't sexy but we all need it at some time or another especially in this cold weather.  I love to keep these in … [Read More...]

Black n white pillows, black white check pillows, how to make pillows, how to sew

Black n White Pillows

Hi friends, how are you today?  I hope well.  Today I'm sharing some new Black n White Pillows I made over the weekend.  I shared some living room "Cozy" ideas last week as we're in that in between Christmas and Valentines holidays and how do you decorate?  I made some small … [Read More...]

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Tuesday Treasures #20

Hi Friends, how are you today?  I'm good and worked most of yesterday and then we went to see American Sniper with Bradley Cooper.  I have to admit my husband picked this one and I thought we'll see how good it is, and let me tell you it was Awesome and based on a true story, so if you … [Read More...]

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Crockpot Chicken & Wild Rice Soup

Hi Friends, how are you today?  I hope well.   I'm great and I might have mentioned my husband and I started on a coed Softball team with my high school friends and we had practice Saturday.  I need to get in shape and definitely got a good workout and look forward to … [Read More...]

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7 ways to add Cozy to your Living Room

Hi Friends, how are you today?  I am well and happy it's Friday, how about you?  I don't know about you, but this time of year can bee a little challenging to decorate because Christmas is over yet it's not spring yet.  I always look for inspiration when I feel a little stuck, so I … [Read More...]