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Painted SPRING Vases

Hi Friends, how are you today.  I'm great and had such a nice day yesterday.  Today I'm sharing some fun little painted Spring Vases with Dollar Store Flowers.  How cute are these, right?   Remember I found these small or mini sugar shaker jars a while back and shared them on a Tuesday Treasures day?  I kept trying to think of a fun way to use them and … [Read More...]

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Decoupage Easter Eggs

Hi Friends, how are you today?  I'm good here and I hope it's ok I'm sharing with you that today is my birthday!  Yes I am 29.....ahem.....39......again.........ok I'll be honest........49.  How can I be 49 years old.  Does this mean now it's the count down to 50?  I hope … [Read More...]

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Corn Pudding

Hi friends, how are you today?  I'm great and sharing a yummy recipe for Corn Pudding with you today. We were invited to a barbecue at one of our sweet friends house last Sunday and like to try new recipes or bring something different so my husband googled great sides for barbecues and a … [Read More...]

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Tuesday Treasures 29

Hi friends, how are you today?  I hope well.  I actually got out a couple times last week and found a few fun treasures I can't wait to upcycle into some great Spring or Easter projects so let me share with you Tuesday Treasures 29. If you're new here this is where I share some of the … [Read More...]

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Something to Talk About Link Party 9

Hi friends, how are you today?  I'm great and excited to kick off Something to Talk About Link Party 9 today.  Grab your coffee and scroll on down below to see all the features this week and all the great projects linked up.  If you’re not familiar with the link party – this is how … [Read More...]

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Best of Diy n Spring Rainboot Wreath

Hi Friends, how are you today?  I hope great.  Today I'm joining 24 other bloggers to share with you our Best of Diy and that includes our latest projects, crafts, furniture makeovers and more.  I am excited to share a new Spring Rainboot Wreath I made for our front door with … [Read More...]

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Easy Dog Bandana

Hi friends, how are you today?  Today I'm sharing an easy Dog Bandana I made for our Dog Coco.  These are so easy to make and so many of us not only LOVE our dogs but like to dress them up for special occasions, walks, trips and more.  We've had Coco for a lil over 3 years now … [Read More...]

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Flower Teacup Pin Cushion

Hi Friends, how are you today?  I'm great and hope you had a nice St. Patrick's Day if you celebrated.  I'm excited about Spring and the change in the weather, the sun being out longer and everything floral and fun.  Today I'm sharing a new Flower Teacup Pin Cushion I made and am … [Read More...]

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Tuesday Treasures 28

Hi friends, Happy St. Patrick's Day!!  How are you today? I'm good and loving our warm weather here.  Today I'm sharing Tuesday Treasures 28 with you.  This is where I share fun treasures or thrift store finds and what I'm going to do with them or use them in my … [Read More...]