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10 Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

Hi friends how are you today?  I hope great.  Our weather really got chilly yesterday (like 50 at night) and it was the first time I put on socks, long sweat pants and a hoodie....Woo hoo.  Here are 10 fun Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas for you.  If you weren't here last year, it was pretty exciting and I was chosen as one of 8 of Scotch's Most Gifted Wrappers and got to go to … [Read More...]

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Easy Cheesy Baked Meatballs

Hi friends, how are you today?  I'm great and I know so many of you have snow in your areas and really chilly weather so I hope you are keeping warm.  Today I'm sharing another yummy of recipes of my husbands that's super easy but so tasty.  These are his Easy Cheesy Baked … [Read More...]

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Tuesday Treasures #14

Hi friends, how are you today?  I hope well.  I know many of you are prepping for Thanksgiving festivities while others are decorating their  I'm excited to share what I found while I was out Thrift Shopping this past week and this is Tuesday Treasures … [Read More...]

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Matzo Ball Soup

Hi Friends, how are you today?  I hope well.  We did a lot of relaxing, recharging and Sunday I did crafts and worked on lots of projects you'll see this week, while my husband whipped up his fabulous chicken noodle and Matzo Ball Soup.  I wanted to share this with you because even if … [Read More...]

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Thanksgiving Ideas

Hi friends, how are you today?  I'm great and survived my daughter's 18th  We took her and her 5 besties out to dinner and ice cream (because Ice Cream is always better than cake if you ask me) and she had a great night.  Today I'm sharing some pretty Thanksgiving … [Read More...]

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Au Gratin Potatoes

Hi Friends, how are you today?  I hope well!  Today is my lil angels birthday and I cannot believe she is 18 now.  So there will be lots of celebrating today and tonight we're taking her and her friends out for dinner.  First I have to share these easy and yummy Au Gratin … [Read More...]

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Free Holiday Floral Arrangement

Hi friends, how are you today?  I hope well.  Remember I mentioned my friend was here visiting over the weekend?  Well besides cooking and thrift shopping, she can make a fabulous free holiday floral arrangement out of things from my yard.  I guess it's living in Lake Tahoe and … [Read More...]

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Tuesday Treasures #13

Hi friends how are you today?  I hope well!!  I'm great and have some fun things to share from our thrift shopping this weekend.  My friend was out here from Lake Tahoe and she loves to hunt for bargains too so she was ready to do some treasure hunting.   I found … [Read More...]

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Spanish Shrimp with Garlic Sauce

Hi Friends, how are you today?  I'm great and had a lot of fun with one of my friends that came to visit us from Lake Tahoe.  I've known her since Junior High School and we grew up playing soccer together.  She has the most unique and fascinating job and her business is called Butler … [Read More...]