How to Paint $1 Flower Pots & Add Color to your Backyard

Want to see how I added to color to my back yard???

Diy Flower Pots, Bright flowers, pretty garden, bright patio


For only .99 cents for each pot!!!, Diy Flower Pots, Colorful patio

We have a very large back yard and a very small budget …..Ha, so I had to get creative with adding some color.

In less than an hour my daughter and I painted a bunch of these pots and have them all around our patio to add some “Punch” of color., patio steps, colorful pots, pretty flowers


I found these great terra cotta flower pots at the 99 cents store recently.

Diy Flower Pots,, add color to your back yard


Do you ever shop there??  There are some great finds huh???

Yes…for only .99 cents….that’s right.

This is a super fast and easy project and I had my daughter help me paint them too.

Diy Flower Pots, paint pots, flowers, garden

I bought some craft paint at Michaels . . . . .you can usually find it for about $1-$2 and they always have coupons too.


Diy Flower Pots, Michaels Craft Paint, how to paint flower pots

We applied two coats of paint and on a 95 degree day it dried in a couple hours.  We didn’t tape off as they are going outside and we weren’t going for perfection here.


I bought some pretty flowers at Armstrong Nursery, but if I hit it right some days I will find beautiful little flowers at the 99 Cents store too.


I just put a rock or two in the bottom for some drainage and then used a good potting compost to add in with the flowers.


Diy flower pots, planting flowers, planting compost


Now we have two dogs and one is a puppy so if left unattended for too long she will knock them over and do a little digging, so we’re always trying those little tricks to get her to stop digging.  If you have any good one’s please leave them in the comments.


So I just planted the pretty flowers and then watered them well.

Diy Flower Pots, painting flower pots, planing flowers

These pots are great and I have some ideas for some of the upcoming holidays too, so come back and visit again soon.

If you want to take a tour of our back yard, we’ll be doing that tomorrow too.

Thanks for stopping by and I’d love any ideas you have too.   Lisa





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