Bench Makeover with an Animal Print Skirt

Hi friends, hope you are keeping warm where ever you are.

I wanted to show you how I made over my vanity bench with a little paint and an animal print skirt.

Animal print bench, Animal Print Bathroom, Animal Print bathroom on a budget, Animal Print

Sometimes when I’m making over something or repurposing and looking for fabric I always keep clothing in mind too as it can be a great resource and you can find things for a couple dollars when you’re thrift shopping or yard saling.

Animal Print Bathroom, Animal Print, Diy Bathroom

When I found this little piano bench it was white with a roses n floral print cover.

Wood bench, Bench Makeover, Animal print, animal print bench

So when I redid our bathroom on a budget I looked to what I had.  I painted this black with paint we had in the house.  I found this darling animal print skirt at a thrift store for $3 and cut it open and the side seam was already there.

Bench Makeover, how to paint a bench, animal print bench

You can see the roses print here.  I then wrapped the animal print fabric over it and stapled it on.

Bench Makeover, Animal Print Bench, how to paint a bench

You know I’m seeing a layer of burlap under that roses print that may have to be considered when this get’s the next makeover….lol.

Animal Print Bathroom, Animal Print, Diy Bathroom

I also used some more of the fabric left to add trim to some hand towels and a border to the little drapes too.

Animal Print Bathroom, Animal Print, Diy Bathroom

And that’s how I gave my vanity bench a little makeover with an animal print skirt.  Total cost to me was $3.  I use it everyday when I get ready too.  I mean us older girls need to take our time to get beautiful right?  or at least some of us…lol.

If you want to see the rest of the Animal Print Bathroom click here.  I’m linking up to Curb Alert today so please go on over and check out all the cool projects and great ideas.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day, Lisa


    • ConcordCottage says

      hi Judy, thank you so much!!! I know I always keep my eyes open when I’m thrifting. How your projects going?? xoxo

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