10 Great Ideas for Easter Peeps

Hi friends, hope you had a wonderful weekend!!   I had a great girls weekend and will share all the beautiful pictures with you soon.

Today I wanted to share 10 great things you can do with Easter Peeps.  You can find many of these ideas on Pinterest but I thought I’d do some of the searching and pull some of my favorites with you.  I am sharing some fantastic ideas that some talented women came up with that I hope you love.  You can click on each link to go to the source and see the step by step how to if you like.

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1.  Easter Peeps Flower Arrangement – Tasteofhome.com

How darling is this??  Add a vase inside another vase and in between fill it with jelly beans and Peeps and then put your flowers inside.  Adorable and festive!!!


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2.  Easter Peeps Yellow Flower Arrangement – Thelawsofmylifeblogspot.com

I love this one too for an all yellow table.

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3.  Easter Peeps Bouquet – Pinterest

This would be fun for kids and pretty inexpensive to make but putting peeps on skewers and turning it into a Peeps bouquet.  The kiddos will love it and can eat them later.

Peeps ideas, decorating with peeps, Easter Bouquet

4.  Easter Peeps Dress – Pinterest

If you’re having a party or get together you can make a Peeps Dress for a display.  How fun and festive is this??

Easter peeps, decorating wtih peeps, peeps ideas, Easter Dress

4.  Skateboarding Peeps – Sweetsimplestuff.com

I thought these were so darlingan creative.  She used Peeps, wafer cookies and lifesavers for wheels to make skate boarding peeps.  A conversation starter for sure.

Easter peeps, Skateboarding peeps, peeps ideas, things to do with peeps, how to decorate with peeps

5. Easter Peeps Cupcakes – Mommysavers.com

These Peeps cupcakes are so darn cute and there’s step by step how to make them too.

Easter peeps, peeps ideas, decorating with peeps, peeps cupcakes

6.  Easter Peeps Cake – Pinterest – http://www.justapinch.com/recipes/dessert/cake/easter-cake-3.html

This Peeps cake is too die for and was pinned so many times but it didn’t go back to a source.  I’m gonna keep searching to find where it came from.  Make a round cake frost it and add M&M’s to the top and Peeps around the edges.  Brilliant!!!

Easter Peeps, Peeps Ideas, Peeps Cake, decorating wtih peeps

7.  Easter Bunny Peeps S’mores – Sheknowsfoodandrecipes.com

This is such a great idea if you want to make up treat bags or give the kiddos something to do. All kids love S’mores and making them.  She shows step by step and a cute printable for the bag.

Easter peeps, Peeps S'mores, decorating with peeps, peeps ideas

8.  Peeps Fruit Kabobs – TheFrugalGirls.com

Love these peeps fruit kabobs!  Another great way to add some color and a healthy and different idea!!

Peeps Ideas, Decorating with Peeps, Easter Peeps, Peeps Recipes

9.  Peeptinis – Peep Drink – Dirtybombshells.com

There are a few different drink ideas but this one was so sweet and who doesn’t love a great Lemon Martini??

peeps ideas, decorating with peeps, easter peeps, peeps recipes

10.  Peeps Bubble Bath Cupcakes – lovefromtheoven.com

These marshmellows used as bubbles just cracked me up and found them so clever!!!  What a cute idea and again the kiddos will love them too.

Peeps ideas, Easter Peeps, decorating with peeps, Peeps recipes

I hope you enjoyed the ideas for Easter Peeps today.    If you love Peeps and want more inspiration come on over and check out the new artwork I made called “Hanging with my Peeps.”

Hanging with my Peeps, Easter Art, Peeps Art, Peeps Ideas, peeps decor

I also just made my own Easter Peeps Floral Arrangement and if you want to see the step by step you can see that here.

Easter Peeps Floral Arrangement, Easter Floral, Easter Flowers, How to make a floral arrangment, Easter peeps

Want some more Easter Ideas?? You can also check out 20 Easter Egg Decorating Ideas too.

If you have any great Easter decorating or recipe ideas please share them with me and I will be happy to share them too.

I’m linking up to From My Porch To Yours , Katherine’s Corner , Over 50 Feeling 40 and Vintage Mama today so if you have a moment please go on over for loads of great inspiration, recipes and ideas for your home.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by, Lisa



    • ConcordCottage says

      Hi Brenda, thanks so much for coming over and the sweet comments. Omg I just flipped for your skateboarding Peeps. I know my blog is small but lots of people are pinning this so hopefully you get a little traffic too. Have a great weekend, Lisa


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