Great Gift Wrap Containers made from Pringles Cans

Hi friends and Happy Tuesday!

Here are some pretty Gift Wrap Containers I made using Pringles Cans.  These will make great containers to put homemade cookies, gift cards and other goodies in.

Gift Wrap Ideas, Pringles Cans, Wrap Pringles Cans, Gift Ideas


I can’t take credit for coming up with the idea at all as I have seen friends do this too.  I went to search on Pinterest for a source and there were soooo many great versions of this too. It’s just a great idea I wanted to try and share too.  My daughter and her friends LOVE Starbucks so I thought this would be a great idea to put some homemade cookies inside or some socks and nail polish and the Starbucks card on top.

Here’s how easy it was.  I emptied the chips into a ziploc bag and my daughter will pack them in her lunch.  I may have sampled a few just to make sure they were ok…lol.  I cleaned out the insides of the containers.

Gift Wrap Ideas, Gift Wrap, Pringles Cans, gift ideas

I then got out some fun gift wrap and cut pieces bigger than my cans.

Gift Wrap ideas, Gift Wrap, Gift Ideas, Pringles Cans

You can use tape or white glue or one of my favorites to use is Mod Podge.  I use an old paint brush to dab a little on the edges and fold over the sides of the can.

Great Gift Ideas, Gift Wrap, Gift Wrap Ideas, Pringles cans

I then cut snips on the ends that were sticking out which makes it much easier to fold and get a very clean look.  I added Mod Podge and then folded the ends over nicely.

Gift Wrap Ideas, Gift Ideas, Pringles Cans, Gift Ideas

I then tied up some pretty bows.  I love wired ribbon and highly recommend it.  You can find it all over at places like Stats, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Target and thrift stores are great resources too.  I usually will find a big bag of 10 or more bolts and other craft items for $5 for the whole bag when I am thrifting. If you see that buy it.  It’s a great deal. Then you’ll have it handy when you need it.

Gift Wrap Ideas, Gift Ideas, Gift Wrap, Pringles Cans

I then put on my apron and whipped up some batches of homemade cookies.  Ok shhhh me and Vons made these…lol, but I will bake before the holidays to take to friends.

Gift wrap ideas, Gift Wrap, gift ideas, pringles cans

I added some gift tags and used my glue gun and added a dab of glue to the top of the cans for the bows.

Gift Wrap Ideas, Gift Wrap, Gift Ideas, pringles cans

That’s how easy they were and a great way to use or reuse your Pringles cans.  I can think of other versions of this I may try too, like the big popcorn containers too.

Gift Wrap Ideas, Gift Ideas, Gift Wrap, pringles cans

Hope you like them.  If you have any great gift wrapping tips will you please share them with me in the comments.  I would love to hear.

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Thanks again for stopping by and have a great day, Lisa


  1. Carol Juarez-Dubois says

    I love adorning my wrapped gifts with things I scavenge from nature. Moss/lichen, pebbles, dried flowers, small pine cones of different varieties hot glued around wired ribbon to the top of the gift. Since I live in the mountains, I like to include a little bit of my area in the gifts I give my friends. :)

    Hey…..what did you do with the pringles from the cans you used to wrap? They make a great topping for home made Mac-N- Cheese!!! XO

  2. Cathy Mayo says

    One year I used brown paper bags and wrapped my gifts, using different colored ribbons. I used red and green permanent markers and wrote words all over the package and I also used old Christmas cards and cut them up and put on some of the packages.

    • ConcordCottage says

      Hi Josie, I used a towel with soapy water, not soaked and just washed it out and then let it air dry. Thank you for stopping by, Lisa


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